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The HCAOA webinars have been placed in the categories below for your convenience.  In each category you will find the name of the presenter and the option to select "more."  By selecting "more" you will find the title of each webinar.  Please click on the name of the presenter to access the recorded webinar.  You'll also find the presentation slides/handouts available under each webinar.  Please click on "handout" to access the presentation.

Best Practices

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Christina Chartrand Link  more ] Administration 12/19/2013
Handout PDF (349.07 KB) Administration 2/21/2013

Legislative & Legal

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Joseph Maddaloni, Jr. Link  more ] Administration 10/10/2013
Handout PDF (140.33 KB) Administration 10/10/2013

Sales & Marketing

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Nancy Werner Link  more ] Administration 8/13/2013
Handout PDF (3.65 MB) Administration 8/13/2013
Marc Wayshak Link  more ] Administration 7/17/2013
Handout PDF (538.05 KB) Administration 7/17/2013
Ben Terrill - Veterans Care Coordination Link  more ] Administration 6/25/2013
Handout PDF (8.28 MB) Administration 6/25/2013
Sean Coyle Link  more ] Administration 2/11/2013
Handout PDF (5.22 MB) Administration 2/21/2013

Staffing & Human Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Christopher Brice Link  more ] Administration 2/12/2014
Handout PDF (360.36 KB) Administration 2/12/2014
Karolynn St-Pierre Link  more ] Administration 11/14/2013
Handout PDF (1.72 MB) Administration 11/14/2013
Deborah Bier  Link  more ] Administration 4/12/2013
Handout PDF (8.34 MB) Administration 4/12/2013
Don Dymer  Link  more ] Administration 1/27/2014
Handout PDF (1.02 MB) Administration 1/27/2014
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